Accounting and Finance Jobs – Should You Work from Home?

7 Reasons Why People Want to Return to the Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on accounting and finance jobs that allow you to work from home. Enticing, isn’t it? You get to work the hours you want, in your own surroundings, and be available for your family and friends. No commute to contend with, either. What a way to work. Or is it?

Before you jump into working from home in your accounting role, you should consider if it really is the right path for you. In recent surveys, it has been found that:

• 36% of those ‘extremely concerned’ about their personal health and safety would prefer to return to the office
• Of those currently working from home, only 58% say they want this to be their primary way of working

Yes, the data shows that many people would be happy to work from home. It also shows that vast numbers want to return to the office – even among those who are most fearful for their health. Recently, we published an article describing reasons to work from home in accounting and finance jobs. Here are seven reasons why so many workers who have tried working from home are keen to get back to the office.

1. You’re always working

When you leave the office, you leave your work behind. At home, the temptation is to pick up your laptop and complete that spreadsheet or report you’ve been working on. It’s easy to stretch your working day from 9 to 5. People who work from home are often more exhausted than those who are working accounting jobs in the office.

2. Feedback and collaboration falters

In the office, it’s easy to bounce ideas off your colleagues or get help with a specific problem. Even with today’s technology, working from home restricts this ability. You could be frustrated for hours while waiting for a colleague or manager to reply to a request for information.  It’s the same with feedback. Your boss isn’t in your kitchen, so it’s unlikely that you’ll benefit from that occasional yet welcome praise and thanks.

3. You miss your colleagues

Humans are social creatures. Finance and accounting jobs are not all work and no play. You build relationships with colleagues at work. You have non-work-related conversations around the water cooler, and hang out with others over a coffee. You don’t get that interaction when you’re working from home. Many people miss it and start to feel isolated.

4. You’re cramped in your workspace

In the office, you have a dedicated workspace. At home, that’s more difficult. You may be tucked into a corner of your kitchen, or perched on the dining table. And working with your laptop on your lap while sitting on the sofa is bad for your posture and your performance.

Many work-from-home finance professionals don’t have the storage space for files and stationery. Unless you can dedicate space for work in your home, it’s likely that your workspace will disrupt your ability to work at peak productivity – and that will lead to working longer hours to get your work done.

5. You’re constantly distracted

If you think the distractions in the office stop you working, they can be ten times worse when working from home. It may be a good feeling working in your pajamas (if that’s what you like to do), but those things that are out of sight and out of mind when you’re in the office aren’t any longer. The dishes scream at you. So do the kids. Those errands that need running keep nudging at you. That next episode of your favorite TV show is compelling you to switch off from work. You mind wanders when working from home – and that’s not good for your career.

6. You miss the motivational buzz

Sitting at home alone can up your productivity, but it can also be demoralizing. There’s no office buzz to motivate you. Suddenly your daily chores become attractive, and you put your work to one side. It’s easy to postpone things that aren’t urgent. Then they become urgent and you must work late into the night. Not exactly what you were expecting from your work-from-home accounting job.

7. Working from home doesn’t save as much money as you thought

You may save money on your commute, but there are other expenses that you may not have thought of. Your electric bill will rise. And you’ll need to supply your own coffee. You won’t benefit from lunches and snacks supplied by your employer.

Should you work from home in accounting and finance jobs?

Food for thought, isn’t it? While many people enjoy working from home, many don’t. They yearn to be back in the office, away from their distractions at home and surrounded by like-minded, motivated and motivational colleagues. They want to be able to switch off when they finish work, not be drawn to their work to fill a void when they should be relaxing.

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