Accounting and Finance Jobs: Why Work From Home

Boost Your Work/Life Balance with a Remote Role

Now, more than ever, organizations are more likely to hire remote staff for accounting and finance jobs. The number of Americans working from home has been steadily increasing, with around 16% of the workforce now working from home according to the BLS. Your next accounting and finance job might be a remote position. Here’s why you might want to consider working from home.

What Are Remote Accounting and Finance Jobs?

A remote accounting and finance job is a role that does not require you to show up at the office every day. You can work from a remote location, such as your own home, a cafe, a co-working space, or your own rented office space.

Why Do Companies Hire Remote Staff?

You may be wondering why a company would want to hire a remote accountant. Isn’t it easier for them to run a team if everyone is in one place? Well, that’s not strictly true. There are many advantages for companies to hire remote staff, such as:

Save on costs:
If you work for a company that is fully remote (the whole team works remotely), then the company is saving big time on rental costs for office space and the other overheads that come with having a physical office.
Wider talent pool:
A remote worker can work from anywhere. This allows companies to expand their search for talent beyond their own backyard.

Who Hires Remote Accounting and Finance Employees?

Accounting and finance jobs grant you access to work in almost any industry. All businesses need accountants to keep their money in check. However, for remote accounting and finance jobs, the following types of organizations are among today’s most common employers:
Many early-stage startups are hiring remote accounting pros because they are not at the stage where they need a whole accounting team yet. They are typically more ‘remote friendly’ than more established companies, who prefer to stick to a more traditional workforce.
Technology and SaaS:
With the rise of subscription companies, SaaS companies are everywhere, creating plenty of opportunities for remote accountants.
An industry that has been growing its remote workforce. Numerous education companies operate online, through webinars and online courses. As such, they do not have physical offices and would need remote staff.

Is a Remote Accounting and Finance Job for You?

If you have not had a remote accounting and finance job before, the thought of working from home might seem a little daunting. You may be worried about not being surrounded by colleagues and how you can stay motivated and productive in a different environment. There are plenty of ways to overcome these issues through communication software, time management, and productivity apps. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, remote work is becoming the new normal. Employers are having to keep workers at home because of social distancing restrictions. Experience of the benefits of working from home may accelerate the long-term change to an increase in remote working.

5 Advantages of Working from Home

A remote job could be the perfect position for you, as you can enjoy the many benefits that come with it, such as:
No commute: With a remote position, you no longer must struggle through rush-hour traffic or use busy public transport.
1. New opportunities:
The area you live in may not have great job opportunities in the accounting and finance sector. With a remote job you can look further afield, to companies in other cities or even out of state.
2. Work/life balance:
It is easier to maintain your work/life balance in a remote job. Saving time on long commutes allows you to spend more time with friends and family.
3. Freedom:
When you work from home you are often able to set your own schedule.
4. Health:
Physical and mental well-being can be improved. A better work/life balance improves mental health, and removing commutes gives you more free time, making it easier to maintain a fitness routine.
5. Working from Home Could Transform Your Life
With all the benefits that come from working from home, you could experience a transformation in your work/life balance. More free time allows you to spend time doing things you love. With this additional freedom, you will find you are more motivated to complete projects and enjoy work more.

How to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Working from Home

Take advantage of the benefits of working from home in accounting and finance jobs by starting your job search today. To find the best employers for work-from-home accounting and finance jobs, contact 6 Degrees.

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