Does an Accounting Manager’s Social Media Profile Really Matter?

Will Your Social Media Profile(s) Impact Your Job Search?

If you are looking for a new accounting manager job but not having much luck, you may want to review your social media profiles. According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers are now using social media as a part of their screening process when hiring new employees.

You may think that what you post online has no repercussions. The truth is that it could be impacting your ability to land a new job.

Clean Up Your Social Media Account Before You Start Applying for Jobs

Before you start the hunt for a new accounting manager job, you should review your online presence and clean up posts that may not reflect favorably with employers. Some quick steps you can take include:

·      Google Yourself

A quick Google search will show you what potential employers will find when they conduct online/social media screening. You can quickly assess whether the content is accurate, up to date, and showing the most positive aspects of yourself in your social media profiles and posts.

·      Keep Things Private

Before sharing anything on your social media, check your privacy settings. You should be aware of who is able to see the updates you share. You can take steps to strengthen the privacy on your accounts, but beware: once something is on the internet, it is there forever. Even if you have strong privacy there is no way to guarantee that shared posts won’t be seen by people who you would rather not view them.

·      Post Acceptable Updates

Don’t stop posting altogether or delete your social media accounts. Having no online presence can also raise red flags with employers. However, think about what is sensible to post that won’t affect your job search.

Appropriate things to post on social media include:

  • Finance industry updates
  • Finance and business news
  • Photos or videos of your city or town, its sights, and interesting places to visit
  • Current events in your area
  • Industry events and conferences

Personal Issues

Keep your personal issues personal. Airing your dirty laundry in public does not reflect favorably with employers.

To Sum Up

Employers hiring for new accounting managers will search social media to learn more about you. If your profiles include unacceptable posts and inappropriate images, employers will screen you out of the hiring process.

Clean up your social media profiles to give yourself the best shot of landing the accounting manager job you most desire – the one you are most likely to find by contacting 6 Degrees.

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