Why a Temp Tax Accountant Job Could Help You Land a Permanent Position

7 Reasons to Accept a Temporary Accounting Job

If you’re finding it difficult to land a permanent job as a tax accountant, it could be time to consider a temporary role. You’ll be joining a growing number of people who work in temporary jobs. According to Statista, the number of temporary workers in the United States grew from around 9.3 million in 2009 to almost 17 million in 2018.
As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, it’s likely that even more people will decide to take temporary employment because companies may be hesitant to commit to permanent jobs in the short term.

Here are seven reasons why a temporary tax accountant job could enhance your potential to land a permanent role.

1. You’re Gaining Extra Experience

Working in a temporary accounting job helps you fill gaps in your resume and in your experience. You’ll learn new ways of working and new accounting skills. It shows that you want to work and advance in your career, and that you’re willing to transfer your skills and learn new ones. These are all attractive traits to an employer.

2. You Get to Showcase Your Skills to Your Employer

As we move out of a recession, we’re probably going to witness a huge increase in applications for advertised jobs. As a temporary worker in an accounting role, you have already got your foot in the door of a potential long-term employer. You get to showcase your skills.

It’s far easier and faster for an employer to convert an in-house temp to a permanent role. Following our 7 tips to turn a temp accounting gig into a permanent role will put you ahead of the competition before a permanent job is even advertised.

3. A Temporary Job Helps You Stay Motivated

Job hunting is a job itself. With so much competition it is easy to become demotivated. A temporary accounting job will help you remain keen to succeed. It keeps you positive, and this aura will be clear in any interviews that you may have.

4. Then There’s the Money

While temporary work may not pay the same salary as a permanent position, it does keep the money rolling in – especially when unemployment benefits are so unclear going forward. You can be proud that you are earning, and the money you are earning takes the heat off you in your search for permanent accounting jobs. This means you’ll be less desperate and therefore more relaxed and confident in interviews – and that is always a good thing.

5. Temporary Accounting Jobs Help You Develop Your Network

With each temporary assignment you get to meet more people to develop your network further. This can be invaluable in your search for a permanent accounting job. Not only may they keep you informed of roles they hear of, but they could also be the link to a connection of theirs who will provide a valuable job lead in the future. When you are job hunting, your success is often partially because of who you know.

6. You Regain Control

If you have been laid off and are unemployed, life seems to happen to you rather than for you. A temporary job gives you back control. You can start calling the shots again. That’s a great feeling.

7. You May Find a Role You Love

You’re a tax accountant. You’ve always been a tax accountant. It’s what you do. Temporary jobs in accounting allow you to try out different roles, and experiment with different employers. They give you a broader and deeper knowledge, and you may find an accounting discipline that you love even more than tax (yes, it may be hard to believe, but you could be surprised).

Here’s a bonus tip for you. When you are working with a new employer in a temporary role, take note of what work other departments do. Chat to other employees, and learn what it is they like about their jobs and the employer. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge that will help you in your career choice and if you are offered a permanent job by your temporary employer.

Make Temporary Tax Accountant Jobs Work for You

Some people love temporary assignments so much that they make them their career. Others use temporary assignments to enhance their experience and their job prospects. Some are so fixed on getting a permanent accounting job that they spend weeks and months without a job – and then, through desperation, are eventually forced to accept a job that they don’t really want. Which type of person are you?

To discuss temporary jobs in accounting, and how they could enhance your career and permanent job prospects, contact 6 Degrees today.

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