Accounting Managers Looking for a New Job Shouldn’t Be Worried by Recession

We Bust the 7 Myths of Jobhunting in a Recession

High unemployment sucks, right? Accounting Managers looking for a new job have no chance in a recession, right? There are a lot of myths about job hunting in a recession. The truth is that while it may be a little more difficult to find your next accounting job when unemployment is high, firms are still recruiting and unemployment doesn’t mean you must take a pay cut to land a new job.

In this article, we look at seven myths you must get your head around when the world is in recession and you’re looking for your next move in accounting.

1. No One Is Hiring Accounting Managers

All you hear in the news is about companies cutting staff and freezing wages. This leads you to believe that no one is hiring. If you’re in a job you don’t like, you best suck it up and stick it out. And if you’ve been laid off, you best get used to living on unemployment benefits.

You couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies always need new people. New ideas and fresh momentum. They know that talent will see them through this recession and come out the other side even stronger. Of course, there will be more competition for available jobs, but if you prepare to be recruited you can rise above your competitors.
Recessions are, in fact, a great opportunity for companies to pick up the talent that they might otherwise struggle to hire.

2. You’ll Have to Accept Less Money to Get Hired

There’s still a market rate for accounting jobs, and the more experienced and talented you are the higher you’ll be able to negotiate your salary. When you interview for a new job, don’t think you’ll need to accept a massive cut to land the job. Let your experience and skills guide the hiring manager into making an offer, then be prepared to negotiate the best Accountant salary you can.

3. No One Hires an Accountant Who Has Been Laid Off

Don’t get wrapped up in the misconception that a period of unemployment indelibly taints your resume. In a recession, unemployment is common. Brush up your resume, work your network, and sign up with a recruiter that specializes in accounting and finance. Market yourself a little harder, and you’ll find a new position.

4. Approaching Companies in a Recession Is a Fruitless Exercise

Jobs don’t come to you in a recession. You must go and find them. That means approaching companies you’d like to work for, even if you’ve been told they’ve frozen hiring. Companies will always make an exception to bring on board the right people. Read our article “How to find accounting jobs near me’ for 5 essential job hunting tips.

5. If You’re Entry Level or an Old Hand, You Have No Chance

Demotivated jobhunters often find excuses for not being hired, and in a recession the tendency to do this is even greater. How many times have you heard these excuses?
• “New graduates just don’t have the experience that companies want.”
• “A company doesn’t want to hire someone my age. I’m over the hill.”
Wrong on both counts. Companies love to hire new graduates to shape them into rising stars. And they also want a counterbalance of experience, to guide younger team members and clients through difficult times. Don’t let your age put you off searching for a new job in accounting, whatever end of the spectrum you exist. (Read our article ‘How do graduates land entry-level accounting jobs?’.)

6. All the Accounting Jobs Are Online

This is a common misconception. Sure, you’ll find many accounting jobs posted on online jobs boards, but most won’t be. The best jobs are very rarely posted online. Often, these jobs are discussed with specialist recruiters, who have a bank of potential candidates. And if you are looking for a local job, then the best place to search for a job near you is local – staffing agencies, newspapers, websites, and direct approaches.

7. Temporary Jobs Are a Waste of Time

In a recession, companies may hire temporary staff to keep their overheads to a minimum. A temporary job in accounting keeps you active, keeps a decent salary coming in, and allows the employer to get a good look at you. Your foot is already in the door, so, should they decide to make the job a permanent one, you’ll be very well placed to be hired permanently.

Give Your Job Search a Kick Start

Don’t let a little thing like a massive recession demotivate your jobhunting. Companies are still hiring, and they are still willing to pay good salaries. Of course, you may need to work a little harder to find a new accounting job, but with the right guidance and proactive marketing of your skills and experience there is no reason why your job search shouldn’t pay dividends.

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