Fast-Track Your Accounting Career with a Big 5 Personality Test

Know Yourself to Identify Your Perfect Job

Did you know that a Big 5 Personality Test could help you advance your accounting career along a path you find fulfilling?

Are You One of the 85% Who Dislike Their Jobs?

The benefits of employee engagement are well documented. Organizations with an engaged workforce are more productive, generate greater revenues, and suffer lower staff turnover and absenteeism than those with lower levels of employee engagement. Accounting staff who love the work they do, and the company that employees them, tend to have a better work/life balance, be happier and more motivated, and benefit from higher earnings and a better career path. Yet, according to research from Gallup, only 15% of employees feel engaged at work.

As many as 85% of employees dislike their jobs. Many hate them. People who are engaged with their work are more productive, happier, and more motivated to do well. This generally translates into better career growth, better earnings, and more fulfilled lives. The top three reasons for not liking your job are:

 A poor relationship with your boss
 Poor working relationships with your colleagues
 You dislike the work you do

Analyzing these three major job issues, they are all related to your personality.

Why Don’t You ‘Fit In’ With Your Work?

If you don’t feel like you fit in with your work or the people you work with, it’s probably because of your personality. If you have found yourself in an accounting job which is taking you nowhere fast, it’s probably not suited to your personality. Introverts are rarely good in people facing roles. Process people don’t tend to excel in positions that require a high degree of innovation.

More likely, if your job leaves you feeling empty and demotivated, it’s because it simply isn’t the right job for you. You’re on a career path that is incompatible with you as a person. That’s not good for your employer, your colleagues, your career, or your relationships outside of work. If this sounds like you, then it’s time you took the Big 5 Personality Test.

What Is the Big 5 Personality Test?

When you understand yourself better, you can identify your main characteristics, and this can help identify the accounting role that you are best suited to. If you discover you’re a square peg, trying to fit in a round hole will always cause you problems. The Big 5 Personality Test assesses your personality traits across five personality dynamics.

1. Openness
This measures how open you are to new ideas, and helps to assess your flair for creativity and innovation.
2. Conscientiousness
This measures your organizational aptitude, and assesses your ability to plan and execute those plans.
3. Extraversion/Introversion
This measures your sociability in a crowd. It assesses your talent for communication, possibly in stressful situations.
4. Agreeableness
This trait defines how you get along with others, and assesses if you are helpful toward others or more selfish in your outlook.
5. Natural Reactions
This measures your emotional intelligence, and assesses how you are likely to react in different situations. You may be calm and collective through stress, or you may panic if all the little details don’t add up.

Measuring Your Personality

When you take the Big 5 Personality Test, you may receive the results in several ways. One of these is as a percentage. For example, you may have an openness score of 90%. This means that you have scored higher in openness than 90% of people who took the test. You’re more creative than nine in 10 people – experimental and innovative, you could be a natural problem solver.

The Big 5 Personality Test Helps You On Your Career Path

By understanding your personality, you can better decide if you are in the right role to build a fulfilling accounting career. For example, if you’re an extrovert who works alone at home, even if you excel at the technical aspect of your job you will probably be unhappy at work. Could you request a new way of working for your employer, or should you be seeking a similar role with a new employer?

The route to a fulfilling and rewarding career in accounting and finance jobs is to know yourself first. Here at 6 Degrees Group, we recruit for accounting jobs to suit all personalities. Contact 6 Degrees Group today to find your ideal role.

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