How to Find Accounting Jobs Near Me

5 tips to Help You Find an Accounting Job

To find the best accounting jobs near you with great employers and career prospects is not easy. Low unemployment and a strong economy mean that if you are looking for a new challenge in accounting you must work extra hard – finding a new job is a job itself. You’ll need to be organized, understand your career goals, and manage your time well.

Whether you are seeking an entry-level job or as an accountant with years of experience, these five job search tips are for anyone who wants answers to the question, “How to find accounting jobs near me”.

Focus on Your Career Goals

Before making a job application, you should be clear about your accounting career goals:
What area of accounting do you want to follow, and where do you see yourself in five- and 10-years’ time?
What training and development will be important to hit these goals?
How important is work/life balance to you?

Answering these questions and fully understanding your career goals will help you target the companies and accounting jobs that will help you achieve your goals. This should ensure you don’t waste time on applications that will be unhelpful or accept a job that won’t deliver your career goals.

Manage Your Job Search Effectively

Plan your job search diligently. List out the tasks you need to accomplish to find a new accounting job and set aside time for all these tasks. For example, you may need to:

Set time daily to search through job listings and research potential employers
Undertake a weekly recap of progress
Follow up on applications
Review your resume to make sure it captures your latest achievements
Make time to study and improve your financial and accounting knowledge

Serious job seekers do something every day in their quest to find a new role. They never leave their fate to chance, and never leave a task on today’s calendar for tomorrow.

Improve Your Network

Networking effectively will improve your chances of finding a new job in accounting. Luckily for you, it has never been easier to improve your network. You can connect with like-minded professionals at local accounting conferences, finance clubs, investment clubs, and industrial societies. Thanks to social media – and especially LinkedIn – you can even network from your couch or during your daily commute. Anyone may be a good contact – those who are not directly involved in accounting may work for a company that is hiring.

Let your network know that you are open to a job change and up for a new challenge. Be ready with an elevator pitch – a 30-second summary of your accounting experience and career goals – and use it to inform your network that you are in the market for a new job. Your elevator pitch should be memorable. The following is a good example:
“I’ve been at Acme Accounting for seven years, specializing in corporate accounts. I lead a small team. I’m looking to take on a more responsible role, in either the commercial or governmental arena. Do you know of any employers hiring for roles like this?”

Don’t Neglect Your Online Persona

Your online profile will probably be viewed by many more people than your resumé. You should make sure that your online profile does the same job that your resume does – make sure that it is up to date and that there are no discrepancies between the two.

Make sure that you never post any inappropriate material on your social media accounts, that you do take part in online discussion groups, and that you are helpful to others online. Your online persona will get you noticed. Make sure it is for the right reasons.

Use a Local Accounting Staffing Agency

Register with a specialist recruitment agency near you to reduce the amount of work you must do to find your next job in accounting. A specialist agency has the connections and network with decision-makers at companies that hire accountants. They will help you achieve your goals by matching you with the most suitable positions as they become available, at companies and organizations in which you will be a good fit.

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