Tips to Advance Your Career in Accounting Jobs

How to Build a Successful and Prosperous Career as an Accountant

Accounting jobs offer the potential for an interesting and rewarding career. Every organization needs qualified accountants to manage their finances and taxes. As the economy grows, the demand for financial talent increases.

Indeed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of accounting jobs is forecasted to grow by around 4% from 2019 to 2029 – in line with the average growth of jobs in the economy.

How can you differentiate yourself and accelerate your career in accounting?

7 Tips to Boost Your Accounting Career Starting Today

Your career growth is in your hands. With the right mindset and motivation, you can advance your career rapidly. Here are 7 tips to help you.

1.     Never Stop Networking

Like most jobs, an extensive network can be a great tool in advancing your career. It is said that a significant amount of employment opportunities are found through the ‘hidden job’ market and referrals. Strengthening your network will require time and effort, but that effort could lead to your next career opportunity.

2.     Continue Your Professional Education

Never stop learning. Your education doesn’t stop at the CPA exam. To retain your CPA license, you will need to comply with your state’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. Completing these requirements will allow you to provide relevant advice and input to your clients in accordance with current and/or new laws and regulations.

3.     Stay Up to Date with Technology Advances

In addition, you must remain up to date on new technology and software that is relevant to your work, whether it be enhancing your skills in Excel or familiarizing yourself with various accounting software such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics.

Making it a point to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones will help set you apart as self-motivated and give you an advantage to furthering your career.

4.     Develop Areas of Expertise

As an accountant, you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of organizations and financial disciplines. As you advance in your role, you may be influenced to specialize. You may also need to consider whether your current employer offers the career development you desire. If not, it could be time to change accounting jobs to re-energize your career in your desired direction.

5.     Improve Your Soft Skills

Soft skills relate to how you work and can often be the deciding factor in hiring and promotion decisions. They are a combination of skills and traits including communication, personality, mindset, decision making, time management, and conflict resolution.

Soft skills demonstrate your ability to be an effective team member or leader when assigned to specific tasks. Enhancing these skills could help you get ahead in your career.

6.     Ask for a Promotion

If getting a promotion was easy, everyone would ask for one. Before asking for a promotion, think about what you specifically bring to the table:

  • What makes you a good candidate for promotion?
  • Are you dependable and have a reputation for completing tasks correctly and on time?
  • Do you have a positive attitude and are a role model for other employees?
  • Are you able to problem solve and keep your cool rather than complain during stressful situations?

Before you ask to meet with your boss and discuss opportunities for promotion, make sure that you list your own development, the positive outcomes you have helped your team to deliver, and any times you have been asked to take a more senior role – for example, in specific financial work.

7.     Register with an Accounting Staffing Agency

By partnering with an accounting staffing agency like 6 Degrees, you’ll gain access to the ‘hidden job market’. Many hiring firms use specialized staffing agencies because of their reach into the candidate market. We will discuss your strengths and career goals with you, and help you take the next steps to advance your career with a perfectly matched employer who can deliver the career path you deserve.

Don’t Put Your Career on Hold

Accounting offers job security and many amazing career routes. How fast your career advances depends on you. Build your accounting career by maintaining a conscious effort to learn. Develop new hard and soft skills, and ensure you stay on top of evolution in the industry and the rules and regulations that shape it.

Finally, partner with a specialized staffing agency who can help guide your career and present you with opportunities that match your desire, experience, and skillset. In Atlanta, contact 6 Degrees.

Take the next step in your job search today