Interviewing for Accounting Jobs – Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Creating a Conversation to Become the Standout Candidate

You have been searching for ideal vacancies in accounting jobs and finally secured an interview for your perfect job. During the interview you must project yourself as the ideal candidate. Somehow you must set yourself apart from the other candidates, but how?

The interviewer will give you ample opportunity to demonstrate that you have the required technical knowledge and soft skills for the job. As you grow into the conversation, you will show that you have a good work ethic and warm, open character for easy work relationships with colleagues and customers.

The ace card you hold is the questions that you ask of the interviewer.

Asking good questions during an interview for accounting jobs is key. In this article, you’ll learn the type of question to ask to make the hiring manager put a big check next to your name.

Interviews Are a Two-Way Street

An interview should never be only a series of interviewer’s questions and your answers.

The interviewer will be keen to have a good conversation with you, as it will reveal various aspects of your character as well as your skills, experience, ability, and ambition.

The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself to the company as being the ‘best fit’ for the job. Thus, you must engage in conversation. A prime way to do so is to ask questions as the interview progresses.

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When and How to Ask Questions in an Interview

The key to success is to ask great questions during your interview. Your aim is to demonstrate your interest in the job and working for the hiring company. The answers you receive should also help you learn more about the role you will fill and the team you will work with.

You’ll be invited to ask questions, and it is a good strategy to have a couple ready However, you should strive to ask relevant questions throughout.

7 Questions Every Candidate for Accounting Jobs Must Ask

Here are seven questions that will make the interviewer take real notice of you.

1.     What do you expect from the person in this position?

This question will give you detailed information about your job role within the company and exactly what is expected from you.

2.     Will these expectations remain the same or will they change, and will there be the opportunity to learn new skills?

Following on from the first question, this question ensures that you understand exactly what is required from you and whether it is the type of job that would really suit you. Asking about the chances to increase your knowledge or skills also demonstrates your ambition to progress.

3.     What is a typical day here?

No two accounting jobs are the same. The interviewer will be pleased that you asked this question, as it shows you are detail-oriented.

4.     Where does the company hope to be in five years?

This question indicates that you aim to be in the job for some years to come, and that you are not using it as a steppingstone in your career (a costly hit to the company).

You can also use this question to open a conversation about opportunities to progress within the company.

5.     Will I be working on my own or as part of a team?

This question will lead the interviewer into giving you further insight to how you will be expected to work, and to introduce the company culture.

6.     What initiatives does the company have to bring staff members together?

This question shows that you are a team player, and that you will be keen to forge good relationships with your team. You will also learn more about the company’s culture and how your prospective team operates professionally and socially.

7.     What is the next step in the selection process?

This is a question that you should always ask at the end of the interview. It helps you to appear confident, shows your desire to secure the position, and sets a timetable in motion.

Access Your Closest-Match Accounting Jobs

Asking questions during an interview is the strategy that could set you apart from your competition for accounting jobs. The questions you ask should help to demonstrate your passion for your work, your ambition, and your personality.

The seven questions we have described in this article should help you to be the standout candidate at any interview. Of course, your first objective will be to get an interview for your ideal role with a company that is your perfect match.

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