7 New Year Tips for Entry-Level Accountant Jobseekers in 2021

Let This Year Be the Year You Excelled

The year 2020 for the entry-level accountant was, of course, a turbulent one. Traditional processes in how you do your accounting job changed dramatically, and the traditional expectations you once had for your career changed.

All businesses have had to struggle to adjust in many ways. In fact, 92% have had to fight to reinvent themselves to try to survive.

The pandemic has also shaped the way you should tackle your job search, and in this article, you’ll discover seven crucial tactics to use in your search for entry-level accountant jobs in 2021.

1.    Know What You Want

30% of Americans just see a job as a way to get by – but today more than ever, it should be so much more than this. Stop and think about what you want from a job in accounting. For example:

  • Do you want flexibility to improve and maintain a healthy work/life balance?
  • What training and development opportunities will be important to you?
  • What career path is your ideal?

Evaluate your goals and ensure that your resume highlights these. This should ensure you don’t become a job-hopper with the need to explain employment gaps on your resume.

2.    Apply to the Right Companies

Finding a new job is a little like dating – you must be compatible with your employer for a long-lasting professional relationship and career. Before you apply, do some research:

  • Check out the employer’s website, and look at their mission – do you like where they’re heading?
  • What is the employer’s company culture – their attitude towards employees (including diversity, equality, and team spirit)?
  • What are the perks and benefits offered, and what’s important to you? Salary? Flexibility? Health and wellbeing benefits?
  • What are the current employees saying? Check online reviews.
  • How will the employer support your future development?

If you like what you see, go for it – it sounds like you’ll be in good company for the long term.

3.    Look for Room to Grow

Make the most out of your new opportunity, and head for a role where your skills have room to grow. Such areas in accounting include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Automation and AI
  • Data analytics

Read our article ‘Accounting Jobs in 2021: What Does the Future Hold?’ for more information.

4.    Make Your Resume Shine

Your resume is your passport to an interview for your dream job. But it’s going to have to outshine a huge pile of candidates. Here’s some tips to get your resume to the top:

  • Use lists, not paragraphs
  • Tailor each resume for each application
  • Use keywords throughout, directly from the job description
  • Don’t use fancy graphics or fonts
  • Use ‘selling’ language (e.g. ‘maximized’, ‘eliminated’)
  • Tackle employment gaps – read this article on how

5.    Prepare for Virtual Interviews

Most recruiters are now interviewing virtually. If this is new to you, don’t be worried – be prepared for a virtual interview:

  • Check all your equipment – the platform being used, microphone, speakers, and monitor
  • Make sure you appear clearly and at eye level – with light in front of you, not behind
  • Tidy up – make sure the background looks neat and organized
  • Dress for the occasion – smart attire only
  • Get rid of distractions – close the door!
  • Prepare questions and answers – think about what they are likely to ask, and what you’d like to ask them

Read our article ‘How to Ace Virtual Interviews for Accounting Jobs’ for more information.

6.    Consider All Options

With competition and unemployment rates higher than usual, you can expect fierce competition for entry-level accounting jobs. Don’t be afraid to take on temporary or temp-to-perm accounting jobs.

Companies are increasingly using this method in hiring – it allows them to cautiously test the expense of hiring someone before they take them on permanently, thus reducing the risk of employing the wrong person.

Get your foot in the door, and work hard to prove to them how great you’ll be for their business. It also gives you a chance to try them out, too!

7.    Use a Staffing Agency

Job hunting is tough. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment, a few setbacks, and plenty of research. When joining a staffing agency, you will benefit from advantages such as:

  • Specialists who can line you up with the latest job opportunities
  • Quicker applications, getting you in front of employers early
  • Invaluable support and guidance throughout the recruitment process
  • Continued support following your job acceptance, for new opportunities for your accounting career

Summing Up

Don’t miss out on a promising start to 2021. Follow these great tips, and get in touch with 6 Degrees today for the best entry-level accountant jobs in 2021.

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