Accounting Jobs Resume 1 – The Balance Sheet That Sells You

7 Resume Tips That Will Help to Get You Hired in Accounting Jobs

To secure the best accounting jobs, you’ll need to compose a resume that demonstrates you possess all the skills that employers desire. You’ll need to show that you are organized, diligent, a team player who accepts accountability, and that you have the specialization that the role requires. The hiring manager needs to know that you work accurately and ethically.

Yes, your resume has a lot of work to do to do its job – which is to get you an interview. And hiring managers receive a lot of resumes – according to Glassdoor, an average of 250 per job vacancy. You need to make yours stand out. Here are our top tips to help you do this.

1.    Your Resume Is a Marketing Document

Think of your resume as a marketing document. Understand the role you are applying for. You’re trying to sell to the employer that you are the perfect person for the job. Keep in mind the company and position you are applying to and highlight the accomplishments and skills that are most relevant to the accounting job you are applying for.

2.    Include Keywords

Many times, employers skim a resume in search of keywords that apply to the position or company. Increasingly, they use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to do the first review for them. Make it easy for your resume to be selected by including appropriate keywords.

Scan the job description to find the words to include – usually the skills and experiences required. Be sure to put the most important items and keywords at the top. It is what the hiring manager will first see, and will act as a hook to get them to read more.

3.    Ensure Your Resume Is Relevant

Tie in your experience with what the employer wants. Focus your resume on transferable skills. Do some research on the company to learn about them and what they may be looking for. You can read employee reviews and review their social media to maybe get some more insight. With all this information on hand, craft a resume that speaks in the employer’s language.

4.    Show Progression in Career

Unless you are a recent graduate, put your experience before your education. Your work experience will carry more weight than where and when you graduated if you are applying for more senior accounting jobs.

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5.    Show Your Specialization

Did you take an extra course or hold a certificate in your field? Don’t forget to add those to your resume. Give examples of your industry specialization, too. For example, if you are applying for a role in an entertainment company, previous experience of accounting in entertainment will help you.

6.    Include Contact Info

Do not forget to include your contact information and make sure it is easy to see. You no longer need to include your address, but consider including your LinkedIn account and personal website. (Here’s a bonus tip: make sure that your social media profile is updated to match your resume.)

7.    Don’t Forget to Refresh!

Plan some time, at least every quarter, to update your resume. This way you’ll be ready to pounce on an opportunity!

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